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Action Pages Finance

Within the Action Pages Finance area, you will see the following tabs:

  1. Amounts: Add preset amounts to your page, re-arrange the amounts, and remove them. You can also select a default amount and choose not to allow other amounts.

  2. Funds: Add multiple funds for your organization. You can also add a different Anedot account to your page to create a tandem page. Choose whether you want it shown on your page, shown in a dropdown, or hidden underneath a button. Also, choose the default percentage you want going into each bank account.

  3. Recurring: Choose whether you want to accept weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly recurring donations. Also choose whether you want to allow one-time donations or force every gift to be recurring for a membership page.

  4. Overrides: Override account-level settings including the primary payment methods accepted, donor covers fees, and the transaction limit.