Anedot Application

An Anedot account application is similar to completing a bank account application. The Treasurer of an organization should be the one applying, and they will need to submit items like an IRS Letter CP-575 and Articles of Organization.

Signing Up for a User Profile

The first step to applying for an Anedot account is to sign up for a User Profile. You can use your User Profile to manage multiple organizations if applicable. If you already have a User Profile, you may skip this step and apply for an account within your user dashboard.

Apply for an Org Account

Under the Apply for an Org Account step, you will choose your Display Name and type of organization.

Your Display Name should be the name people know your organization by.

Once you complete this step, you will also be asked about your Organization Category. You should choose the category that best reflects your organization from the options provided.

Onboarding Survey

The onboarding survey covers details to help our team better service you!

Support Profile

The Support Profile includes details for donors to be able to contact you. They include the following:

  1. Statement Descriptor: The Statement Descriptor is what donors see on their credit card or bank statements when they donate. It's important to choose a descriptor that a donor can see and immediately remember who they gave to. Statement Descriptors are limited to 16 characters, so you may need to abbreviate your organization's name.

  2. Public Contact Information: The public phone number and email address are where you would like a donor to contact your organization if they need assistance.

  3. Public Address: Sometimes, donors ask for an address to send a check. This public address can be used for that purpose.

  4. Website and Social Profiles: Including your website, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram profiles can make it easier for our team to help you if you want assistance with your page(s).

Legal Entity Details

Your Legal Entity Details will mostly be derived from your legal documents like your statement of organization. Please note that we only accept applications from organizations with a Tax ID (EIN) number. We provide a link to obtain a free EIN if you do not have one.

You will be asked to provide a Physical Address. Your Physical Address cannot be a PO or UPS Box. If you can choose to use a PO Box as your mailing address instead.

Supporting Documentation

You will be asked for different documents depending on your type of organization. If you need more information on what's needed to apply for your organization, click here!

Connect Bank for Deposits

You can connect Business Checking accounts to Anedot to deposit money. You will be prompted to log in to your bank account to verify the account. It will only verify the account you choose and will not verify any other personal bank accounts.

Financial Authority

The Chairman or Treasurer of an organization typically have the authority to serve as the Account Owner.

At this step, you will provide your personal information that we are required to collect following the Patriot Act and KYC regulations.

Submit Application

Your application is complete once you hit the Submit Application button! Typically we can verify accounts in 0-2 business days, and our team will contact you if they need more information.

If you have any questions about your application, you may email our team at